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Want to safeguard your home from theft, fire inferno, flooding disaster and ensure the safety of your kids at home? Visit our blog.

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Here's how you can keep your kids and home safe

cozy kids bathroom accessories
Cozy Kids Bathroom Accessories your Kids will cherish
Your kids can find comfort in your home or they just wish for it. It all depends on what you

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kids safety from car parked
Ensuring Kids safety regarding cars parked in the premises
Kids’ safety at home is on many aspects with various challenges. When you are always conscious of the whereabouts of

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snake in apartment sewage system
Keeping Snakes away from your Apartment Sewage System
Do you know that snakes like water? A snake can submerge itself in water and not get drowned. Do you

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securing your apartment from fire with smoke alarms
Securing your Apartment from Fire with Smoke Alarms Detectors
It is always a scary sight each time you come across a building razed down by a fire. And for

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fire exit evacuation plan
Home Safety tips on Fire Exit Evacuation Plan
When designing a home, do you ever stop to imagine the worst case scenario? Yeah, no one prays for bad

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kitchen frying pan fire
Kitchen Safety: what you should do to stop a Frying Pan Fire
It was a beautiful afternoon; Jane was excited expecting her hubby who had travel over six months. She decided to

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