3 Kinds of Shylock Landlords you won’t want to meet

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In all cities of the world, properties are developed by the rich and some are occupied by the poor. While some Landlords are very kind-hearted, others are typical examples of Shylock. This you must bear in mind when on an apartment search.

In a song by Bob Marley the reggae prophet stated thus;

“The rich man’s wealth is in his city,

destruction of the poor is his vanity…”

But many Shylock landlords don’t realize this until they become victims of their own actions. Unfortunately for some, it becomes too late to adjust, as you will see in the stories that follow.

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Bulldozer Alias pull down the roof

Chief Bulldozer as he was popularly called, was a rich man but uneducated. He was cruel not because he was illiterate, although his illiteracy contributed to his barbaric nature. He was good at purchasing properties forcefully from their owners when you don’t want to sell; he employs different intimidating tactics. When he purchases a property he gives the occupant 3 days to leave else they face his wrath. He was best known for pulling off apartments roofs when the occupants hesitate to leave. Hence he became known as alias pull down the roof.

So it was, that chief Bulldozer purchased a certain property and came to pull down the roof. A frail old woman came out of the house to plead with him in his own local language as she was too frail to do a quick apartment search within the short period. Chief Bulldozer ignored her and walked away, no sooner had he finished from there, he got a call, which made him visit one of his property in a local village. While walking in the bush, he was bitten by a poisonous snake, his servants took him to the hospital, but he was referred to local medicine homes. Since the venom has travelled far into his bloodstream, he was taken to many healing homes and all were scared because of his state at the time. Then eventually he was referred to his old woman. When he was brought to the house, he was shocked, his people could see him crying and shivering but no one knew why his countenance changed suddenly, except the old woman. Then the old woman on seeing his emotions stepped towards him and said “My Son don’t be troubled, my only worry is how you will cope because we must both spend the night here for you to get heal. As for the cure, I will give it to you only if you promise not to be cruel to people from today onward”.

Leave my house not leave my life

There was a young man named Luke who lost both parents in a ghastly motor accident and his uncles took over his parents Business and properties. Luke a student became stranded and could not pay his rent, unfortunately, his landlord was a shylock landlord. Luke pleaded with the landlord severally to give him a little space to attach himself to the apartment his parents had occupied and paid for over 2 decades since he had no money to begin an apartment search. The landlord objected and threw him out without any recourse. When Luke was about to leave, with tears in his eyes, he turned to the landlord and said: “you have asked me to leave your house, but not leave your life”. The landlord didn’t think those words as reasonable, until years later. Luke had graduated and eventually became a lecturer.

Luke had an encounter with one of his female students, and in the process, he finds out that the girl was a daughter of his former ‘shylock landlord’. Upon further inquiry, he also came to know that his former landlord was now one of his tenants; occupying a property he Luke has built and handed over to an estate agent to manage.

Mr Luke was good at assisting students who could not meet up to buy textbooks and pay up their school fees. One day this same female student came crying for help. An anxious Mr Luke was moved to ask what had happened to her dad. And she opened up to him, narrating how her father’s greed had brought him to his barest minimum.  Further stating that her dad now puts all his resources together just to pay their rent because he can’t bear the shame of what he used to do to other people. Upon hearing that Mr Luke instructed his agent to refund that year’s rent to his former shylock landlord so that he could pay her daughters school fees. Chief Double was shocked when he got the news and the money was instantly given to him, and then he asked to meet the property owner.

One afternoon, he was brought to this young lecturer’s office although he could not recognize him, he kept staring at the statement “leave my house is not leave my life” which was boldly written on a sticker placed on the table. Starring at the statement over and over he recalled what he did to Luke and what someone else was doing to him now in the same capacity he started shedding tears.

Then Mr. Luke turned to him and asked “Sir, why the tears” and he replied “my son you won’t understand, I have lived a cruel life, I have done terrible things to tenants as a landlord and today you treat me with the reverse, I feel so guilty that I don’t know what to do with myself…” at that point the young lecturer said to him “I understand it all, because I am Luke” at that point Chief Double collapsed.

How much space can one really occupy?

She gave herself the name Stainless, and people called her Madam stainless. She was a landlady with a taste for class; she was harsh, abusive and intolerant. She would lock her tenants out when they default in any way, and in some cases, lock them up in police custody. She was the kind no one will want to meet when on apartment search. Because she was rich, she could buy the laws as much as she wants, so people became scared of her. Her tenants, could not seat on the same bench with her, she believed in class and perceived people from a lower class as cursed. She kept her own clique of friends; they would go out drink and do all sorts of naughty things. She was a slay queen. She was a shylock landlady, who wanted her space, class, and pride above any other thing, not knowing that there is actually a limitation to how much space one can occupy in life.

Madam stainless took ill at the age of 45years and all her classy friends deserted her as she could no longer function in their class. She suddenly became calm and kind-hearted and started staying around those people she had treated as inferior previously. But no one wanted to be her victim so they all fled from her, not knowing that she was dying needing help. Madam stainless became aware of what she had done to herself and could not find a way out. And she went on dying gradually as days goes by, the dying was more from her past deeds than the disease and before people knew it, she was far gone and eventually she died and was buried in a grave just some foots measurement beneath the ground, that is the much space any man can occupy on earth before he/she rust.

These stories may not have the real names, but they are life stories, they happen every day, they are moral lessons for whoever cares. There is the need for caution when on an apartment search. And also for property owners, there is the need for caution when dealing with persons on apartment search. Whereas the story is based on property ownership and apartment search, they are not peculiar to them, but to all, there are shylocks everywhere, let’s be our brother’s keeper. Learn to share a meal, a smile, or anything under your care, remember you own nothing but simply a caretaker thanks.