3 Steps to Ensuring home safety from kitchen fire

frying pan fire

home safety from kitchen fireAre you aware that your kitchen can put your home up in flames? For this reason, many residential apartments have their kitchens designed outside the main house. While this kind of design could be very inconvenient, it still does not guarantee safety from a kitchen fire.

How then can you guarantee your home safety from kitchen fire? Home safety from kitchen fire is achievable even when your kitchen is within your main house.  In this article, we focus on what you should do and what you should do away with. How to keep your kitchen, things you should allow in the kitchen, what you should do in case of an emergency and how to stay alert when using the kitchen. After reading this article, you should be able to guarantee yourself 85% home safety from a kitchen fire.

Keeping your kitchen and kitchen appliances clean always can guarantee your home safety from a kitchen fire.

home safety from kitchen fire greaseTo be safe when cooking, always keep your kitchen clean, most people use their kitchen as a parking store, this is wrong. Your kitchen should serve one purpose alone; cooking, whatever does not fall into your cooking need should be removed from the kitchen to allow for ventilation.

Your cooking stoves surfaces should be clean as well, they should be grease free. Keep flammable objects like air-fresheners, bugs-spray and hairspray away. Ensure you have a fire extinguisher handy so that you can respond quickly in… Click To Tweet

Be on the alert when cooking to ensure your home safety from a kitchen fire.

home safety from kitchen fire attenThings can go wrong very fast as a result of a little negligence while cooking. You should always keep your stove company, mostly when frying; ensure you observe the firing range regularly. Any other activity should wait, not even a phone call needs your attention at the time of cooking. If you are using an electric oven or hot plate, then ensure you set a timer to know the exact time to stop the cooking. Also be mindful of your electrical socket. Kitchen appliances like; electrical ovens, hot plates, and ring boilers, use up a huge amount of power. Such appliances should be plugged into industrial electrical sockets capable of withstanding the pressure, and not just any wall socket. Plugging a heavy duty kitchen appliance into a low power socket can result in a fire outbreak.

Be mindful of your dressing in the kitchen

Putting on the wrong dress in the kitchen can also result in a fire mishap. Tight clothes should be worn in the kitchen. Clothes with loosed edges dangling over a lit stove while cooking can result in a fire disaster. Also, remember to remove all jewelry and other accessories. Women should wear a head-tie to cover up their long hair.

Finally installing a smoke detector can also assist in ensuring your home safety from a kitchen fire. Having a basic knowledge of fire safety is not out of place. Keep a fire extinguisher handy, check the expiration date regularly and be sure it is functional.

Be alert to be alive. Be a lifesaver; share this message with a friend.