7 Facts About Indoor Accidents That Will Make You Act Differently.

indoor accidents

indoor accidentsDo you run a home with kids playing everywhere with toys and pets? Are you concerned about the safety of these kids and your whole household? If your answer is yes, then read on. You will do a lot of things differently after reading this, and Indoor Accidents will not easily occur in your home again.

Indoor Accidents occurs every day, from the least to the largest home, the more equipped the home is, the higher the chances of occurrence. The degree of damages varies from one incidence to another and in some cases, lives are lost, others may result in boldly damage, which is scary and not what anyone can be happy about.

If you desire Indoor Safety, then let’s take a careful look at major causes of indoor accidents:

Indoor Accidents can occur anywhere in the home, from the garden to the sitting room, the kitchen, the bathroom and even in the bedroom. This is because most people often feel that being at home implies ‘I can relax at any time, anywhere’, this could result in negligence that may result in grave danger, below are some indoor accidents and how they can be avoided.

Fall from a Slippery Floor Indoor Accidents

Most modern apartments are laid with tiles, and one well-known characteristic of tiles is their slippery nature. A slippery floor has resulted in many indoor accidents, and accidents of this type often result in quick death, mainly when the victims hit their head against a hard object.

Whereas tiles are originally slippery, the fall could also be as a result of additional liquid substance on the surface like; water, oil etc.

In some cases, the victims are completely ignorant, whereas some happen out of share carelessness of the victim.

To avoid this, tiled floors should be kept dry always and extreme care should be taken when moving around. Tiles should be used with caution in bathrooms and toilets. If the floor in these places must be tiled, the tiles should be the none slippery type, but if you have slippery tiles in your bathroom already, then you should always step with caution and always use bathroom slippers with a rough base.


Fall from a Staircase

This is yet another type of fall, and most times is more life threating than the former. This happens when someone losses concentration while climbing or descending on a staircase and misplaces the next step, a fall could result in hitting the nostrils or their teeth on the staircase when ascending or roll down the staircase when descending. The only way to avoid this kind of indoor accident is; total concentration when climbing or descending the staircase, every other thing like talking or staring at something should be placed on hold especially for kids and the elderly. Crawling babies should not be allowed access to the staircase.


Indoor Accidents from Fans, Air Conditioners, and other Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances like fans, electrical iron, and air conditioner, should be used with caution as any mistake can result in severe damage or loss of life. Many people don’t know that staying directly under a high speeding fan can result in grave danger. Yes! It does, mostly when the person is very tired, it can result in suffocation and if no one comes to the rescue, death may occur. Also is the air conditioner, when used in a small room with the doors and windows firmly closed for a long time.

Another type of Indoor accident that can occur from a ceiling fan is when the room apartment is not high enough and the occupants carelessly lift their hands to the level of the fan. Caution should be taken when moving around were these electrical appliances are in use.

To avoid suffocation from fans and air conditioner, don’t sleep directly under a ceiling fan on high motion and when you are using a standing fan don’t focus it on yourself and sleep off, allow it to rotate around, don’t use an air… Click To Tweet


Indoor Accidents from Rugs

Although these are rare and minor, they are worth taking note of. When you lay your living room with rug carpet, then you are most likely to walk on it with bare foots. Therefore, you must ensure that sharp objects like pins are not allowed on the rug; otherwise, you will bruise your feet on them as you step and this could be very painful. To avoid this, always brush your rug, don’t sweep the rug with a broom, and don’t bring such objects close to the rugs.


Indoor Accidents from Transparent Glasses

Transparent Glasses in homes are known to have resulted in many cases of indoor accidents. This happens more where the victim is a visitor or became absent-minded probably when multi-tasking. One can forget and walk into a glass as when walking through a door, and when the force of the collision is much, this can result in grave danger for the victims. And most victims of this kind of indoor accident are kids.

Solution: don’t use transparent glasses at home, if you must, then have a sticker placed on them somehow to reveal their presence.


Reflecting Mirrors and Kids

Kids always get attracted to reflecting mirrors, and most times they go knocking on it with whatever object they have in their hands. This could result in the mirror collapsing on them causing bodily damage. Care should be taken when installing reflecting mirrors, if you have kids, ensure they can’t reach the mirrors or have a covering made for the mirror.


Drowning in Shallow Water

Kids can get drowned in shallow standing waters, like storage drum without a cover, ponds in a garden, or when there is a swimming pool. These have happened in several places, thus rapt attention should be given to kids at all times and when possible, all standing water should be covered to avoid kids from getting access to them. When there is a swimming pool, it implies kids should not be allowed to roam about freely without anyone monitoring them.

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