Avoiding a Flood Prone Apartment

Flooding is a major disaster to homes, as it renders properties useless and in some cases, lives are lost. In some cities, many houses are built on waterways, while some are poorly constructed, others become vulnerable from the effects of those built on waterways, and in all these, the occupant suffers the loss, hence the need to be watchful when seeking an apartment.
When seeking an apartment, many home seekers, tend to forget the issue of flooding, while some considers it less important in the kind of apartment they rent, others are just ignorant of the disaster that occurs when their apartment is flooded, in this write up we take a look at ways to avoid renting a flood prone apartment.

How to know a Flood Prone Apartment

Some buildings are flood prone, mostly those built in valley-like landscape, and regions with higher rainfall, thus many of the houses are prone to flooding, these houses should have some visible signs of water and dirt in and around them, but some unscrupulous persons may work hard to cover up these signs so as to enable them extort money from unsuspecting tenants, thereafter leaving them with no option than to abandon the property mid-way into the rent term.
There are however some signs that cannot be covered up, being observant is the key issue here, areas prone to erosion will always have cluttered gutters, and the soil around the houses will always be muddy during rainy periods and creaky during the dry season. Beware of renting an apartment in places where there are no gutters or the gutters are not properly channeled if you intend to avoid renting a flood prone apartment.

Observe the ground Level of the House

The level of the house as compared to the gutter level, can tell if a house is prone to flooding, if the ground floor is below the gutter top, then most likely the water goes into the house, if the gutters are not well channeled then it suggests also that the water flow anywhere it can, and the general topography of the area is also a major indicator. Observe if the property is in a valley or on a hill. And if the house is not painted recently observe the base of the wall to see if there are water markings.

Ask Questions

An African adage states that “he who is good at asking questions never gets lost”, so ask good people around the area. Do not make payment before finding out if the apartment you intend moving into will give you the comfort you deserve.

Always seek divergent views to know if the apartment is a flood prone apartment.