residential apartment 4let
Easy ways to properly ventilate your Residential Apartment

Your residential apartment is where you find comfort after your busy program or outings from day to day, in respective of your favourite relaxation spots; finding comfort in your residential apartment is indispensable, therefore, it is necessary for every corner of your apartment to be in the as comfortable as possible. For a home to […]

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secure your apartment with cctv
Here is why you need a CCTV camera to secure your apartment

Are you worried about the security of your apartment? Securing your apartment can be so elusive. When thinking of the various strategies you need to engage. At times you have to hire one or two persons to keep your properties and family safe. This is so because your properties and family are your valuables. And […]

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apartment improvement
3 Beautiful things About Apartment Improvement

A well-organized apartment is a place where tranquility dwells, the walls are beautiful like gold platted columns, the furniture appears as if carved out of the walls, the drippings from the curtains are better imagined as beautiful ornaments, the windows allow in air through all directions and everywhere is just calm, from a standpoint you […]

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fire exit evacuation plan
Home Safety tips on Fire Exit Evacuation Plan

When designing a home, do you ever stop to imagine the worst case scenario? Yeah, no one prays for bad things to happen, but we all know they are bound to happen. For this reason, it becomes necessary for every home to have an Apartment Fire exit evacuation plan. Fire incidences like the London Grenfell […]

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apartment search
3 Kinds of Shylock Landlords you won’t want to meet

In all cities of the world, properties are developed by the rich and some are occupied by the poor. While some Landlords are very kind-hearted, others are typical examples of Shylock. This you must bear in mind when on an apartment search. In a song by Bob Marley the reggae prophet stated thus; “The rich […]

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Basic things you need to start a Home

Are you still squatting with someone, hoping to start living in your own apartment someday, and somehow you are kind of scared, not knowing where to start from? Then this article basic things you need to start a home is for you. To start a home is sure one of the most difficult moments of […]

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How to prevent Mice from taking over your Apartment

  It’s so annoying when mice invade your apartment; they eat up almost everything; from papers to plastics and more worrisome is their habit of defecating on almost everything, such that in recent times, mouse in homes had posted a lot of threat to many humans with the occurrence of Lassa—Fever. Having mice in your […]

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How to scare Snakes away from your Apartment

  Having rodents in the house could be annoying, but having a reptile around is scaring and dangerous as well, a snake is not just a reptile but a dangerous and poisonous one. Snakes are well known for their poisonous venom, hence they constitute a lot of risk to humans when they come around a […]

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The impacts of having Green in your Apartment

Having green in your apartment is something many homeowners don’t consider necessary at all. Green is that part of nature, which consists of trees, and the natural environment, with the help of green plants, the atmosphere is able to renew itself from the damaging effects of human activities which tend to deplete the ozone layer. […]

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Home Safety: Noise pollution a violation or a right

Virtually every neighbourhood has one or more forms of noise pollution in our major cities. From the blaring horns of vehicles to the choking noise of generating sets. Not leaving out the blasting sound of speakers emanating from music shops, worship centres, and events centres. The is hardly a neighbourhood where the occupants are not […]

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Home Safety: Neighbours and your Neighbourhood

In every neighbourhood, there are different characters, different people, with a different mindset, whereas some are peace loving people, others live and feed on trouble. Some see the world as a jungle where the strong devours the weak. Yet they all fall into the category of ‘apartment neighbour’, i.e. people living in the same neighbourhood […]

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Avoiding a Flood Prone Apartment

Flooding is a major disaster to homes, as it renders properties useless and in some cases, lives are lost. In some cities, many houses are built on waterways, while some are poorly constructed, others become vulnerable from the effects of those built on waterways, and in all these, the occupant suffers the loss, hence the […]

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Make your home a talent ground

Charity they say begins at home, so also talents are groomed at home. I have visited many homes, and in many of these homes, I saw beautiful designs of chairs, dining, and kitchens. You also find excellent electronics like plasma, LCD TVs and home theaters starring at you. But when it comes to important Home […]

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Signs that a Building might soon collapse

Building collapse has become a recurring incidence in recent years; this is occasioned by negligence by property owners on one hand. And building experts on the other hand also some regulating authorities are not doing their job. Hence the possibility of poor quality products getting into the market and ending up in sub-standard buildings that […]

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ideal home
Features of an Ideal Home: What Makes a home thick

What is a Home? In the context of this write-up, we shall define a home as a place where we live, i.e. shelter. Shelter has been one of the basic needs of man, from time immemorial man has continually seek a place of shelter to shield him from sunshine and raindrops; moving from caves to […]

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