Developing landed properties in Edo and the menace of CDA’s

land development

Edo State a peaceful community

Edo State nicknamed the ‘Heartbeat of the nationis no doubt a real heartbeat state, as it lies in the middle belt of Nigeria, paving way for travelers to and fro the eastern and the northern as well as some western states of Nigeria. The state is also known for its peaceful nature, hence the populace consists of people from different parts of the country, and this gave way to lot of people developing landed properties i.e. purchases of land and building of houses such that the venture took a different dimension.

The surge of Community Development  Associations (CDAs)

The rise in developing landed properties as a result of more people coming to settle in the state got a swift reaction from the youths (indigenes) who saw it as the only means of getting themselves busy and valued in the state. As every community formed its own gathering of youths popularly known as CDAs (Community Development Associations) these CDA’S somewhat took over leadership of the communities from the Enigies and elders council which were duly constituted and recognized by the palace.

The CDA’s and their attendant effects on developing landed properties

The CDA’s which started like a joke in some communities, spread like a wild fire across the length and breadth of the city in a short time, as many youths were seen reaping the benefits, many more poured in to get their own share as well, and so it went on such that it became easier to acquire a parcel of land than developing it. In some places, when you acquire a plot of land measuring 100×100 ft for instance, you will be required to pay between 200,000 to 300,000 to the community youths before you are allowed to dig for foundation, as if that was not enough, if you are able to take the building to roofing level, in some communities there is yet another amount you have to pay. Sinking a bore-hole attracts another charge, so also is fencing, all this they termed ‘Deve’ so much that overtime people started losing interest in developing landed properties in these communities .

The Giant stride of an intelligent monarch

In Edo State, you can defy any other person, but not the Oba, the word of the Oba is  treated as a word from the heavens; and so it was, when the new Oba was crowned, being a young vibrant and visionary leader, he was fast to see the harm these youths were doing to themselves, the community and the future of their generations yet to come, as they were scaring people away from developing landed properties in these communities, they themselves became lazy not willing to work, but wait only on ‘Deve’, they could buy cars from monies collected, allocate lands to themselves and sell at will without thinking what development such actions were bringing to their communities and their future.
The Erudite monarch did not waste time to put a stop to it and so it went down, no more ‘Deve’ for the boys. And with the support of yet another young vibrant and enterprising leader, the Governor, the duo had it passed into law in March 2017.

The way forward as it stands:

The future is bright for estate developers seeking to develop properties in the state, and also a great future as well for the indigenes all of them, not only those who could belong to the CDA’s but everyone, the old, the young, the weak, the frail and the strong, because, since ‘Deve’ as gone to rest, development will come to the state, industries will be built and employment will spread, all courtesy to a monarch who is not afraid to step into troubled water and a resilient Governor.