Easy ways to properly ventilate your Residential Apartment

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Your residential apartment is where you find comfort after your busy program or outings from day to day, in respective of your favourite relaxation spots; finding comfort in your residential apartment is indispensable, therefore, it is necessary for every corner of your apartment to be in the as comfortable as possible.

For a home to be comfortable as possible it has to be properly ventilated, this is one of the essential ingredients of a conducive apartment. A properly ventilated apartment has so many health benefits. Ventilation will help in getting rid of unpleasant air pollution like; smoke, dust and possible carbon pollutions from engines.

One sure way to meet your relaxation desire and keep your residential apartment cool and appealing always is by ensuring natural ventilation. You can achieve natural ventilation in your residential apartment by consciously making ways for fresh air to flow in and out of your residential apartment without the use of air conditioners or other forms of mechanical air regulating devices.

If you are curious on how to get your residential apartment well and properly ventilated, to meet your relaxation needs, here is what you should consider doing.

Open Your Residential Apartment Windows for Natural Air Inflow

Most people are so conscious of their safety precautions at home, so much that they forget that clean air (oxygen) is the number one thing they need to continue breathing. In most cases, most people while protecting themselves from; burglars, rodents, mosquitoes, noise and dust, they end up shutting their apartment doors and windows; making it difficult for fresh air to flow in and out of their residential apartment.

Its okay to have burglary proof and nets on your doors and windows to guide against burglars, mosquitoes and rodents. But caution must be taken to make way for air inflow when designing.

Give attention to your Residential Apartment Windows

Windows are very important to your apartment if you want it to be properly ventilated. The dimension, position and surroundings of your windows will go a long way to affect how well ventilated your apartment can be. If your house is still at the building stage, it is advisable that you place the windows at strategic locations to ensure cross ventilation. You should also consider the dimensions of each window and how it will be able to aid proper air circulation and reduces the heat from the ceilings. If your apartment is completed already, there is nothing much you can do, although it is still possible to adjust at extra cost. Where you cannot, focus on making sure nothing blocks the existing windows. So many persons ignorantly block their apartment windows from within with furniture and other apartment fittings, it is better you don’t have such properties than have them block your source of fresh air.  In some apartment you find external attachment at windows positions. If you live in such apartment, tell the owners of such attachments to relocate them or better still you look for another apartment, since your health will be at stake if you continue to live in such apartment.

Go natural – Grow a living Flower in your Residential Apartment

It is a well-known fact that plants absorb or takes up carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. This implies that green plants can help in purifying polluted air in your residential apartment as they act as a screen by absorbing the heat from the sun. Green plants help a great deal in generating cool air inside a residential apartment. So in place of that artificial flower pot in your apartment, think of having a natural flower pot in and around your residential apartment.

Use Water Bodies as Cooling Agents

Having external water bodies like a swimming pool, water font or a fish pond can act as a coolant where the air is cooled in the water bodies and then circulate to the nearby apartment. This is achievable only when you are the owner of the property you reside in or you are on a long lease.

In conclusion, you can reduce the heat in your residential apartment by turning down some electrical devices, use a low powered bulb that generates less heat. Use silk curtains that allow free air inflow.

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