Ensuring Kids safety regarding cars parked in the premises

kids safety from car parked

Kids’ safety at home is on many aspects with various challenges. When you are always conscious of the whereabouts of your kids, you can achieve a better degree of success with kids safety. In this article, I will be looking at Kids safety regarding cars parked in the premises. Sometime ago, I came across a post on Facebook, it was a sad one. Three kids went into a parked car in their premises probably belonging to their parents. While their parents and neighbours were searching for these kids everywhere. No one knew they were in the car, and they all died from suffocation.

So sad indeed, I wish it never happened. Since it is no longer possible to reverse the situation, the best thing to do now, is to work towards preventing the re-occurrence of such a tragedy. And one way to doing that is to act and act now. There are measures to forestall future occurrences. And some of these measures are what this post is all about.

Pondering over the incidence, the following questions instantly comes to mind.

  • Why were the car doors unlocked?
  • What where they (the kids) looking for inside the car?
  • How come they got stuck inside?
  • How come no one knew they were in the car?

Answering these questions objectively, could be a step toward ensuring that kids are safe at home where cars are parked. Irrespective of how the cars are parked, and even when the kids go into the cars to play. Looking at the scenario above, one will be quick to ask, can anything be done to avoid such a sad incidence in the future? If yes, what can and should then?

What can I do to ensure my kids safety regarding cars parked in my premises?

If you live in an apartment where vehicles are parked, of course only a few houses today have garage for vehicles. So you certainly live in one or so, therefore you should be concerned and you must be asking if there is anything you can do to avert this kind of tragedy. The answer is yes! Yes, kids can stay home with cars parked in the compound and stay safe. They can also play into the cars and come out safely. There are safety tips that should be taught to keep them safe. As we all know, kids are very inquisitive, trying to stop them from playing with parked vehicles may be daunting.

What then can be done?

One of the questions raised earlier needs to be answered here. Why was the car doors unlocked? Obviously, this question can’t get a direct answer, as the car door could have been left open for so many reasons. Or per chance it was a mistake, and in some cases, don’t be surprised the kids got their hands on the key and opened the doors themselves. Be that as it may, we suggest the following:

  • That parent should ensure vehicles parked in the compound are properly locked.
  • Parents should also keep their car keys away from the reach of their children.
  • They should also educate the children on where to play around, let them know the dangers of playing in and around parked vehicles. Though this may not yield a 100% result, it will provide them with some sense of caution.

Kids playing with cars parked in their premises is a major safety threat in many homes. In some instances, the kids destroy some parts of the cars. There are instances you meet toddlers hiding behind the wheel of a parked vehicle, this is very dangerous. Parents should be very observant of their cars, i.e. whenever your kid is out of your sight, make the car and other similarly attractive places your number one check points.

Educate your kids on how to open car doors

Whereas many parents think it is not necessary to show kids how to open the car door, I strongly think it is more than necessary. This is because; there could be many instances when the child needs to open the door to save lives. Many parents think it is best to hide it from their children, so that the kid will not open the door on the highway. Good as it may sound, it is not the best, teach the kid, caution them and when driving with your kids, pin the doors. The kids need the knowledge in case of an emergency. Once your children are up to the ages of 4 and 5, please show them how to manipulate your car doors to open from the inside. It will help avoid this kind of death and other life threatening experiences from cars.

Home Safety tips on kids’ safety regarding cars parked at home.

  • Parents should endeavour to lock car doors properly
  • Keep car keys out of the reach of children
  • Don’t forget kids will always find the car attractive to play with
  • Kids are always inquisitive and as such they may go in
  • Educate the child the danger of playing in and around cars
  • Check parked cars properly before moving them, mostly when your kids are out of your sight
  • Teach the kids how to open car doors from the inside

Do you have kids at home and cars are regularly parked in your premises? Let us know what you feel about this article. You can also share your ideas with us on how parents can guarantee the safety of their wards from vehicles parked in their premises. Remember to show how much you care by sharing this article.