Features of an Ideal Home: What Makes a home thick

ideal home

What is a Home?

In the context of this write-up, we shall define a home as a place where we live, i.e. shelter. Shelter has been one of the basic needs of man, from time immemorial man has continually seek a place of shelter to shield him from sunshine and raindrops; moving from caves to thatched roof houses, from thence to mud houses, bricks and now the current trend of various tech in the construction of buildings for man to dwell, in this article we examine the features of an ideal home, that can bring man that measure of comfort he deserves.

Features of an Ideal Home

To the ancient man shelter was needed for providing shade alone, as he could defecate in nearby forest, bath in nearby streams and eat anywhere, but the modern man cannot continue in such a lifestyle due to civilization, hence modern shelter are termed ‘home’ as they provide man with the needed shade and other forms of comfort, therefore an ideal home or complete home should possess the following features if not more:

  • Living and spacious rooms
  • Outdoor spaces for relaxation
  • Modern kitchen
  • Modern toilets and bathroom
  • A garage and a storehouse.

Features of an Ideal Home: What role does structure play?

The structure of your home can tell how thick you home is, structure also provides security as well as safety; a well laid out structure is not just pleasing and appealing to the eyes, it also assures that the home is safe to relax in without fear of the possibility of the building collapsing, the pattern of the structure can wave off some environmental hazards, when rooms are spacious and well ventilated, they provide succor for heat during the dry season, unlike tight and less ventilated ones.

 Scene and surroundings

Although many persons think or give attention only to their closet, they fail to realize that the surrounding environment has a role to play regarding how well they enjoy their apartment, surrounding your building with greens will go a long way to improve your health unlike allowing dirt and water litter around which will pose a lot of threat to your health.

The cruise of making your home thick

The features of an ideal home are not just the structure and the surrounding environment, the inner content of your apartment is the cruise of what makes your home thick, the living room and its attracting colours. Does your bedroom has the ability to lure one to sleep, or can your chairs make a visitor want to come back over and over again just to have a seat on them, how fitting and suiting is your home, your appliances, electronics, and gadgets, how do you choose and synchronized between these equipment, this is where taste comes to play on the one hand, and your financial standing on the other, if you have the money, you can consult a home décor and  see what heaven you turn your living room into.