Home Safety: Neighbours and your Neighbourhood

In every neighbourhood, there are different characters, different people, with a different mindset, whereas some are peace loving people, others live and feed on trouble. Some see the world as a jungle where the strong devours the weak. Yet they all fall into the category of ‘apartment neighbour’, i.e. people living in the same neighbourhood with you.

Just is one neighbourhood, there is the possibility of hoodlums, professors, illiterates, kidnappers and assassins living together, just say ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’.

This brings us to the question of how do you secure your neighbourhood? How can one be sure that one day the kidnapper will not take hold of the professor for a ransom? Or the hoodlum will not break into the apartment of the assassin, which might escalate into more trouble for the neighbourhood as the assassin will not rest until he takes his pound of flesh.

Who is your apartment neighbour and why you should care

Knowing who lives close to you is the first step towards ensuring the safety of your neighbourhood. Some persons may say, “why not mind your own business”, but if ‘your business’ includes; keeping yourself, family and properties safe, then knowing your apartment neighbour seems to be utmost in ‘your business’. This is so because many people can live in a neighbourhood in disguise, you see them go out in the morning and return at sunset, whereas they have nothing doing than to monitor others pending when they wish to strike. Some even pretend to be nice people whereas they are wolves; a careful observation will reveal their hidden self as they cannot be consistent with their masquerading.

How you should be concerned about your neighbourhood

Being concerned about who your apartment neighbour does not imply sitting around every corner in your neighbourhood gossiping and fermenting trouble. Being concerned simply implies that one should be watchful of happenings in the neighbourhood, and where possible keep a record of who does this or that and when a neighbour’s movement becomes unclear, don’t hesitate to call the law enforcement agents, this way you can help in keeping your neighbourhood safe and secure.

What more can you do to secure your apartment and neighbourhood

Securing your neighbourhood is possible in many ways; it is not until you see something that you may want to inform the law enforcement agents that you should get involved.

Getting involved implies that you do everything possible to nip every threat in the bud before it gets out of hand. For instance, if you live in a neighbourhood and there are young men and women lurking around, they don’t go to work when others are going, (you can be very sure that there will be security threats around such places) you can help these young ones to get busy gainfully if they are ready, and when they are not willing, get them on a security watch list.

There was a wealthy man who lived in a neighbourhood, close to his house was a drinking spot where some young men would always gather to drink. And every morning they watch him as he drives out in one expensive car and at times in the evening; he drives in yet on another exotic car. So these young men started talking about him and plotted right at that spot and had him kidnapped. He paid a huge ransom to regain his freedom anyway. Yet in another neighbourhood was a renowned Professor who had helped some of the young men who were willing to work secure employment and skills. Close to his office was also a drinking bar as well where some young men who had been paid to assassinate him gathered to take surveillance of him. But unfortunately for them, one of the professor’s beneficiaries over-heard their discussion and their plans were thwarted. These two men were both wealthy, whereas one cared about his neighbourhood, the other did not, he only believed that fences could protect him, but he failed to realize that he cannot take his fence with him everywhere he goes and by the way he was kidnapped right at the entrance of his gate. The other was spared because of what is termed ‘corporate social responsibility’.