Home Safety: Noise pollution a violation or a right

Virtually every neighbourhood has one or more forms of noise pollution in our major cities. From the blaring horns of vehicles to the choking noise of generating sets. Not leaving out the blasting sound of speakers emanating from music shops, worship centres, and events centres. The is hardly a neighbourhood where the occupants are not facing apartment noise pollution.

This to a large extent have made life unbearable for many, while some have adapted to it, others are suffering from the scourge and yet no succour seems to be near. Although the Lagos State Government recently outlawed noise generation in the state, other states are yet to follow. And the implementation in Lagos State is being faced with so many challenges.

Sources of Apartment noise pollution

At times you wonder who is right and who is wrong between two neighbours where one enjoys loud music and will always turn the volume dial to the highest. But the other may want to read or meditate, but there is no law to that effect, so, what can such a neighbour do? What can you do when a church moves into your neighbourhood and have a loudspeaker positioned at your window, blasting you with sound even at night when you and your household need to sleep. You are rather compelled to keep wake, after all, they are evangelizing, and any attempt to speak up against such is perceived as ‘demonic’.

More terrible it is when a neighbour chooses to have a generating set with bombarding noise in the neighbourhood, some of these engines do not only produce blasting sound but also pollutes the air. These are few of the sources of apartment noise pollution.

Effects of apartment noise pollution

Noise pollution is associated with the causes of cardiovascular disease, as victims might become restless and deprived of good sleep. They could become tensed and stressed and in some instances anxiety and depression sets in. Apartment noise pollution can make ones hearing difficult, i.e. such ears become used to loud noise, as any sound not loud enough will not measure up to their hearing. Apartment noise pollution most times takes its toll on growing children whose sense organs are made to conform to such violations, hence you see them not able to speak or listen in a normal tone but a loud one.

Apartment Noise pollution should be discouraged

One has the right to purchase any musical instrument of choice, but the use of such equipment has its limitations. Using such equipment to the detriment of others in the neighbourhood is a clear violation of their right. Purchasing any musical equipment is like developing one’s muscles, which you can develop to any size you wish, but the use of such musical appliances is like wielding your muscular arm in public, this has its limitations given the size of your arm and the amount of space around you, otherwise you will be violating the right of others.

The churchman who will not allow people in the neighbourhood have their rest at night is posing threat to lives, likewise the club owner and selfish neighbours, who don’t care what they do so far it suits them.

Apartment Noise pollution is a menace that requires the attention of all enlightened citizens to eradicate.

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