Home Safety tips on Fire Exit Evacuation Plan

fire exit evacuation plan

fire exit evacuation plan

When designing a home, do you ever stop to imagine the worst case scenario? Yeah, no one prays for bad things to happen, but we all know they are bound to happen. For this reason, it becomes necessary for every home to have an Apartment Fire exit evacuation plan. Fire incidences like the London Grenfell Tower incidences are a frequent occurrence in homes, having a fire exit evacuation plan will help in securing the home against fire disaster.

An apartment fire exit evacuation plan is not just having a door that leads out, but it includes planning, training and experimenting with the execution of the plan. Below are some key points to help in making your apartment fire exit evacuation plan a success in your home or office apartment.

Why an Apartment Fire Exit Evacuation Plan

Planning an apartment fire exit evacuation and frequent reviews are very important because fire incidence occurs suddenly. A sudden fire outburst often leaves occupants jittering. In a situation like that, it is only those prepared that will know the direction to go and what to do at every instance of the incidence. Having the exit routes alone without a plan may result in a commotion. Some exits routes may be blocked carelessly, some persons may be confused not knowing what to do at each turn. It is only a holistic Apartment Fire Exit Evacuation Plan that will take care of everything and everyone including the weak, the strong and the disabled.

There should be at least two exit routes

For any Fire Exit Evacuation Plan to be effective there should be at least two exit points. One exit point is like no exit point at all. In some cases, the incidence may prevent the use of a particular exit point, and then the other exit will help. The two exits should not be close to each other; otherwise, the purpose will be defeated.

Fire ladders are also necessary for an effective Apartment Fire Exit Evacuation Plan

Having five ladders handy can be very helpful mostly where there is one exit, and when it is a story building. The ladders should be stationed at strategic positions where they can easily be accessed in the case of an emergency.

Apartment Fire Exit Evacuation Training and Enlightenment

As stated earlier having the exit routes is not enough, every occupant should be tutored on what to do when the ugly incidence occurs, they should be reminded often of the various roles each one should play and how they should act with time so as to save lives and properties.

Practice – remind – review

Practice they say makes perfect, the Fire Exit Evacuation Plan is not complete until it is executed. There should be an experiment of the whole plan and review afterwards. There is the need for a constant reminder, this could be a kind of monthly routine or as the case may be. Finally, review your evacuation plan once in a year. This will help you to know if your plan is still achievable or it is obsolete. If it is obsolete identify the changes and adjusts.

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