How to prevent Mice from taking over your Apartment

apartment mouse
It’s so annoying when mice invade your apartment; they eat up almost everything; from papers to plastics and more worrisome is their habit of defecating on almost everything, such that in recent times, mouse in homes had posted a lot of threat to many humans with the occurrence of Lassa—Fever. Having mice in your apartment also opens the door to a potentially dangerous and unwanted visitor ‘the snake’ which might be hunting for the mice. Most times, many households spend lots of money buying poison to help get rid of these mice; this is yet another threat to human life (use of poison)

and when the mice eventually die from the poison, they become another issue also, whereas there is a better way to deal with these mice problem, many households keep battling on and on with no positive result.  Well if you want to put a stop to mice bothering you in your apartment, just read on.

Find a way to keep them out:

Mice usually gets into the house through openings and cracks, so if you see a mouse in the house, you may want to find out how it got in, and when you do, use an object they cannot eat-up to block that crack through which they came in, and also ensure that you do not make provisions for them to hide inside the house. Avoid positioning your furniture like bed, wardrobe, shelves, and cupboards close to the walls; because placing them close to the creates a little opening at the back for the mice to hide. To avoid this, move your furniture away from the wall, where it is not possible, then ensure you lap it on the wall not leaving out a tiny space for the minute size of mice. And always ensure you clear-up debris in and around, if you have a storehouse, develop the habit of clearing it regularly, else it becomes a place for them to breed.

Buy a pet like a cat or a dog to keep mice out of your Apartment

If you are a pet lover, one sure way you can keep mice out of your apartment is having a pet like a cat or a dog; these two animals are good repellents to any mice trying to come into your apartment, as these pets will not hesitate to eat them up, but the challenge, however, is that not many people can live with these animals and not many can afford their upkeep also. 
Use Botanical Rodent/Insect Repellents
There are a lot of natural repellents that can help keep mice away from your apartment, you may want to consult a botanical expert. Some of the natural substances like mothballs, ammonia, and peppermints are a few of such repellents, they act in such a way that when the mice perceived the smell around a home, they will not want to go close.