How to scare Snakes away from your Apartment

Having rodents in the house could be annoying, but having a reptile around is scaring and dangerous as well, a snake is not just a reptile but a dangerous and poisonous one.
Snakes are well known for their poisonous venom, hence they constitute a lot of risk to humans when they come around a neighborhood. If you reside in an apartment close to farmlands or forest reserve, there are certain things you can do to scare these reptiles away from your apartment, since the snake is a very sensitive and clever animal. Below are some things that can help you scare snakes away from your apartment.

Find out what brings them around and remove the attraction

Ordinarily, the snake doesn’t like visiting homes. Being a very sensitive animal, snakes don’t feel comfortable in houses occupied by humans as a result of the bustling nature of human activities. They don’t like noise in particular, but when snakes start visiting a house, it implies there is something attracting them. Since snakes are carnivores, they feed on other smaller animals they can swallow, hence most times they come to homes hunting for mice, chicks, and eggs to swallow. Also, they usually look for places to hide when it shines; these are major reasons you see snakes in houses. To avert these, be on alert when mice start gathering in your house, get rid of them to avoid attracting snakes, avoid keeping chicks at home. If you must run a poultry farm, keep it away from bushes and residential apartments.

Clean surroundings can scare snakes away from your Apartment

Snakes crawl on their bellies, hence they find it difficult to move when there is no dirt or grass to aid their movement and enable them to hide from prying eyes. Keeping your surroundings clean can keep them away as they will have no place to hide, always clear the grasses, block every tiny opening in your apartment and always make provisions for light.

Use Natural Repellent

Although research is still on, concerning the use of natural oil in repelling snakes. But it believed that oils like olive oil and cinnamon oil have the ability to scare snakes away. This is because the oils can easily infuse into their skin and distort its metabolism thereby acting as a poison. Some plants are also good natural repellent, these include plants like Marigolds, Andrographis paniculata, Rauvolfia and most common among these is the Tobacco plant. Snakes don’t like going near these plants because of their smell, having these plants around will keep snakes away.

Burn some flagrant smells to scare Snakes away

Onion smell is one flagrant and powerful repellent to snakes, slice a bulb of onion and burn them in a slow fire to enable the smell to fill the air.
Finally, if none of the above methods works out for you; then consult a veterinary doctor; there are insecticides that can help in repelling snakes.