Items you should have at home at all times

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Home Safety is in various aspects, therefore the safety of a home may not depend solely on those security fences and burglary proof but also on some minor items you can ignore to have at home. It may sound like a home economics course, but it is a reality that keeping some tiny but useful objects at home can save you a lot of troubles and help you secure your home and family on so many fronts.

These items are neither expensive nor difficult to get, below are a few of the items you should have at home at all times.

Thread and Needle are minute items you should have at home

have at home threadImagine you are about going for that special occasion and there is a special dress you have made for that very occasion and your button just fell off, what will you do, if there is no thread and needle in your house? You become stranded, the best you can do is try to locate a tailor to fix just a button, and certainly, you will be late for that event, whereas having a tread and a needle at home would have saved you all that hassle.

Matches or Lighter

have at home matchesThere are instance when you urgently need to light up a fire for one thing or the other at night, what happens if there is nothing to light up the fire for you at that time, and you can’t go out of your house or call anyone to help you with fire to keep you or your kid warm through the night, this could save lives and the absence of it could spill death, so don’t forget to always have it at home.


have at home waterHaving water at home at all times can save you from so many obstacles; it ranges from drinkable water to non-drinkable. Drinkable water is necessary in case of an urgent need to clear one’s throat of obstacles, while large quantity of water is needed in the event of a fire outbreak, don’t rely on the water system, always have some quantity of water stored in a water tank where you can easily access it in the event of an emergency

First aid materials

have at home aidMinor accidents are sure to occur at home and sometimes major ones too, for this reason, every home is expected to have a first aid box, or just a cotton wool and disinfecting substances, so that in the event of such incident, proper care can be given to the victims before taking them to a medical center when the injuries are severe. These are very important items you should have at home always.

Mobile phone with airtime:

Communication can help save a life or bring an urgent incidence under proper control, having a phone without any airtime left on it at home mostly at nights is dangerous, a lot goes on at night, therefore, you ought to be prepared, communicating to others what you are going through will enable them come to your rescue, so always make sure you have  some air time on your phone; that you can borrow airtime is not an excuse, it could fail that time you needed it most; likewise not many people can recall what the code is when they are in a tense situation, and most times the situation itself might not give you such a chance, so don’t be caught unaware.