Kitchen Safety: what you should do to stop a Frying Pan Fire

kitchen frying pan fire

It was a beautiful afternoon; Jane was excited expecting her hubby who had travel over six months. She decided to make a delicious toast and keep it warm before he arrives. She ran into the kitchen and lit the stove, placing the pan on the fire, and she added some oil. While the oil was on the stove she was distracted by a phone call, when she was done talking on the phone, she returned to the stove to meet a kitchen frying pan fire.

It happens often in the kitchen when you allow distractions. When cooking oil in a frying pan suddenly goes up in flames. Instead of the stove flames burning under the frying pan, the flame suddenly jumps up to the top of the frying pan resulting in a kitchen frying pan fire.

The speed of occurrence often leaves you in deep shock, perplexes and confused, you tend to forget the right thing to do. In most cases, you start running with the pan or you go looking for water.

Whereas a kitchen frying pan fire is a minor incidence, improper handling can result in an inferno. Read on to know how you should handle a kitchen frying pan fire to curtail it quickly.

You can put out a kitchen frying pan fire by covering the frying pan

When your frying pan suddenly guts fire, don’t be scared, get a cover and cover up the pan with the fire inside. The fire can go-off if the oil is not deep, where the oil is deep, then spray the pot with a fire extinguisher, after turning off the stove or source of heat.

Where there is no fire extinguisher, make use of baking soda to douse the burning oil.

Ensure you don’t run with the burning pan

Running with a kitchen frying pan fire is the most dangerous thing to do. Yet this is what occurred first to most people whenever they see a frying pan fire. Their conclusion is to take it outside and let it burn there. Well as quick and easy it sounds, it is very dangerous as the oil can drop on other combustible materials around and spreads further. The burning oil can also spill on you while trying to run with the pan and cause bodily damage. You may run into someone in the process and there will be a disaster. So next time you see a frying pan fire, running with it should not be an option.

Aside from running with the pan, most people try to put out the fire with water, this too is dangerous. Throwing water into burning oil will splatter the oil and aid the fire to spread faster. And in most cases, the person or people around get burned from the spilling oil.

Baking soda can help put out the fire and not sugar or flour. Take note that baking soda and flavor may look similar in colour but they are not substitute in this case. Ensure you don’t throw flour or sugar into a burning pan, as this could result in third degree burns.

Baking flour and sugar contains explosive potentials like dynamites. Take note of this it is very dangerous to throw them into a burning oil pan.

Be alert to be alive. Keep fire  out of your home; share this article with a friend.