Lessons from the London Grenfell tower Fire Disaster

grenfell fire

On 14th June 2017, the world was greeted with a rude shock, when images of a 24 story building blazing with fire went viral on the internet; screams could be heard coming from the building as many occupants were trapped inside the high-rise building.

The Grenfell tower was said to have been gutted by fire at about 01:00 BST, the fire which started from an outburst from a tenant refrigerator on the fourth floor spread rapidly before the first fire – fighter truck could arrive the scene of the incidence, as a result, the fire left a lot of occupants dead and many injured, it has since been declared a national disaster, by the British Government; while commiserating with those who lost loved ones and wishing the survivors speedy recovery, it is pertinent to look at possible way to averting such mishap in the future.

Negligence a Possible Cause of the London Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster

Although investigations are ongoing, but information available at the moment point to the materials used for the beautification purpose as aiding the fire in spreading faster, and other report indicates that the developers placed profit above safety, if this is confirmed to be true then they could be charged with man slaughter, however this will not bring back the dead, nor take away the pains of surviving victims, hence occupant should always endeavor to place their safety above anything else when taking up an accommodation, attention must be paid to fire-fighting equipment in building and when it becomes a high-rise building like the Grenfell tower, it should be a ‘no provision’, ‘no occupying’, come to think of it, why rent an apartment that will turn around to hurt or end one’s life?

There are indications that this gigantic structure had only one stairway; if that true, it implies negligence on the part of developers and occupants, (no fire alarms, such that when the fire started, the occupant of the flat where it started had to start running from one flat to the other telling neighbours about the fire. Every tenant should take home safety as a personal and serious business, not the developers business.

Could there be a way to survive such a tower fire disaster?

As the fire wrapped round the building, people were seen making gestures from their windows; indicating that they were trapped inside, it was heart-rendering to see people just waiting to die as all route were caught up in the fire, this brings us to the question, is there anything they could do to stay alive in such a situation, while we still search for experts opinion on how to stay alive when trapped in an inferno, we suggest that having water around could help a bit, and victims should have less cloths on them and keep such clothes wet, try stay away from furniture’s and combustible objects, when possible shift properties to one side and stay in an empty space wet with water, hence the need to have water around always, soak a piece of cloth in water and tie it round the nostrils to avoid suffocation from smoke, then pray. Well the London Grefell Tower Fire disaster might have come and gone, but the scares may never wipe out completely. Advise home occupants to learn thier lessons from this tower fire disaster and be vigilant in aspects of thier apartment safety.