Make your home a talent ground

Charity they say begins at home, so also talents are groomed at home. I have visited many homes, and in many of these homes, I saw beautiful designs of chairs, dining, and kitchens. You also find excellent electronics like plasma, LCD TVs and home theaters starring at you. But when it comes to important Home equipment that can help improve the talent of children in these homes, you realise there are deficiencies in the home.

Most parents are concerned only about comfort and relaxation, what happens to things needed to groom the kids?  This is a serious issue that affects many homes.  And it is certain that these homes will breed a society deficient in talents.

In this article, I bring to you important home equipment that can help make your home a talent ground. And I am using these as an eye opener for parents who want their wards to stay at home and learn so as to become better people.


Bookshelf or a Mini-library is a very important home equipment

Having a collection of books that inspire as well as educational books on a shelf at home is a way of encouraging kids to read, as this will go a long way to sharpen their personality, but these days kids only read when they are in school, at home it’s all play and watching of TV, I think the design of our homes is contributing significantly to this, as the saying goes “out of sight is out of mind”. So my number one important home equipment I recommend for every home is a bookshelf.


Having Musical Instruments at home can make your home a talent ground

Music learning is a powerful way of shaping a child’s career and achievement in life. Having a good knowledge of music can help a child learn how to balance the odds and challenges of life, as they can connect to music both emotionally and physically. A musical instrument is important home equipment worth having in a home.  An instrument like the Piano, Flute of Guitar will go a long way to encourage the child to work on his skills. If Mozart could composed songs at the age of five and performs before an audience at the age of 17, it is largely due to the fact that he had access to musical instruments at a very tender age.


Fitness Equipment is very important home equipment

Your kids must not go out on a regular basis to a fitness center before they can get access to fitness equipment. Mostly for those living in some locations far from the city center where these equipment are available, therefore having some of this fitness equipment at home, can help the children to keep fit and discover their talents as well, some could just be on their way to becoming the next Usain Bolt.


A Personal Computer or a Laptop will make your home a tech ground

Many computer programmers actually started coding at their infant stage i.e. between seven to ten years. This can only be possible because they could access a PC at home. A Personal Computer (PC) is necessary and important home equipment for a child’s development. There is a great need for a PC at home, moreso that the computer has grown into a giant industry providing jobs opportunity for billions of people. Your ward may have talents to become a programmer or an IT professional, like the saying goes “catch them young”.



A Chapel can make your home a place of prayer and devotion

This article will not be complete without mentioning the chapel, the spiritual engine room, you want your kids to learn how to pray, they should see you leading by example, if you want them to live a devoted life, they should see you devoting a portion of your space or your room as the case may be to devotion, Idol worshippers have their shrines built around their house, likewise the cultists have a room they usually dedicate to their activities, as a Christian then you must dedicate a portion of your space as well, these will help your kids to learn your devotion, except you’re not proud of it. And who knows you might just be grooming a voice that will be heard worldwide.

Start equipping your apartment now to have a positive effect on the upbringing of your children, these are also features of a real ideal home.