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Want to safeguard your home from theft, fire inferno, flooding disaster and ensure the safety of your kids at home? Visit our blog.

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Here's how you can keep your kids and home safe

frying pan fire
3 Steps to Ensuring home safety from kitchen fire
Are you aware that your kitchen can put your home up in flames? For this reason, many residential apartments have

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water safety practice
Kids Safety: Water Safety Practice and Precautions for Homes
Do you know that drowning is one major cause of children accidental death globally?  And drowning can occur silently and

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indoor accidents
7 Facts About Indoor Accidents That Will Make You Act Differently.
Do you run a home with kids playing everywhere with toys and pets? Are you concerned about the safety of

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kitchen related accidents
Top major causes of Kitchen Related Accidents and how you can avoid them
Some weeks ago, the blogging community and the entire world was slam with a rude shock, when news of the

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home security
Top Most effective Home Security Surveillance Strategies you should key an eye on to secure your apartment
With current trend in technology, and given the rise in security threats globally, there is a need for every household

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grenfell fire
Lessons from the London Grenfell tower Fire Disaster
On 14th June 2017, the world was greeted with a rude shock, when images of a 24 story building blazing

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