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Want to safeguard your home from theft, fire inferno, flooding disaster and ensure the safety of your kids at home? Visit our blog.

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Here's how you can keep your kids and home safe

child's nanny
Who is your child’s Nanny; How you can make your child’s Nanny the Best
The busy economic situation of the 21st century has compelled both partners in a marriage to work in order to

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Home Safety: Noise pollution a violation or a right
Virtually every neighbourhood has one or more forms of noise pollution in our major cities. From the blaring horns of

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Home Safety: Neighbours and your Neighbourhood
In every neighbourhood, there are different characters, different people, with a different mindset, whereas some are peace loving people, others

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When a Maniac lives in your Neighbourhood
A maniac is someone suffering from mania, a mental illness marked by extreme obsession, excitement or violence. It could be

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Signs that a Building might soon collapse
Building collapse has become a recurring incidence in recent years; this is occasioned by negligence by property owners on one

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have at home thread
Items you should have at home at all times
Home Safety is in various aspects, therefore the safety of a home may not depend solely on those security fences

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