Safeguarding the home Night and Day

Why Safeguarding the Home

Intruders may one to break into a house especially when it looks beautiful and they believe in contains valuable they can cart away, hence the need to safeguard the home both night and day, safeguarding the home is a major challenge in major cities across the globe, so many people have developed strong protective measure to wade out intruders from breaking in easily, but in some cases these safety measures turns out to pose yet another threat to safety of occupants. There has been incidence of fire outbreak in residential building taking so many lives due to the absence of quick exits, in some cases, little children got burned beyond recognition as their parents lock them indoor on their way out only to meet them in ashes on their return, thus in this article we evaluate the different measures people take to secure their home, and how they could improve on them to assure proper safety of lives and property.

What to consider when building a security system

Whereas many people focus narrowly on wading away intruders when designing a security system, a security system is supposed to take into cognizance the various forms of threat a building and its occupants could be opened to and work out modalities to secures the building and its occupants from such threats, while designing burglary proof for a home, there should also be a provision for quick exit in the event of a disaster that requires occupants to flee immediately from the building itself.

Fireproof & fire exit are keys to Safeguarding the Home

Five proofing a house is very important and necessary given the rate of fire disaster in recent years, many technologies have been developed for this purpose; tech like smoke detectors, water sprinklers, fire extinguisher and so on, but oftentimes house owners and occupants ignore this, even where they are available they are not adequately kept nor updated. Also, alternative exit or fire exit is very necessary in case the fire outbreak is beyond control, but a visit to many houses will reveal that most exits are blocked either used as a parking store or a dumping site. If you have not taken note of this door in your house, go look for it now, if it is blocked, make effort to clear it, the key to the lock on the door should be placed in an obvious location or better still each occupant should have a spare of the key. Leaving this door blocked with properties is a disaster waiting to happen, it’s purpose for emergency exit, and it can also assist in putting out a fire.

Burglary proof or self-made cells?

So many homes are some sorts of self-made cells, where doors are coated with irons, windows are not left out, many are ignorant of the fact that there might be an emergency that requires exiting through the window, so much as the burglary proof is needful in safeguarding the home, so also there should be a provision for emergency, hence there should be a way to opening a burglary proof from the inside when there is an emergency, the absence of these makes it a kind of a cell which is dangerous.

Air pollution/poor ventilation.

This is another major challenge you meet in some residence, many occupants of houses are ignorant of the role ventilation plays in their lives, a visit to some houses will reveal that some occupants are fond of attaching makeshift structures to any available space around their building, these are the spaces through which air was supposed to penetrate their rooms, some plant generating sets at such places  and pollute the air that gets into their accommodation, which in some case  has resulted in mysterious death, yet many still do it.

Environmental hazards

These include noise around a residential apartment, standing water around the premises, industries in residential apartments, all these can constitute environmental hazards to occupants of residential buildings.  How safe your home is, will affect you and your family in so many ways. If you live in an apartment where your ears are blasted with sounds now and then, it is not safe. if you don’t feel the impact, your children do. Also having industries around could emit so many poisonous chemicals into the vicinity such chemical which may not be healthy for continuous inhaling. If you live in an apartment with generating sets everywhere, please know that such an apartment is not safe also, because those generating sets pollute the environment with noise and poisonous chemical substance as well.

Points to note in Safeguarding the Home

  • Burglary proofs are necessary, but they must allow quick passage in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure water is always available
  • Design water sprinklers if possible
  • Check fire extinguishers always
  • Always keep an eye on electrical fittings and appliances
  • Avoid homes with many generating sets
  • Avoid crowded neighbourhoods
  • Avoid homes in industrial areas 

Home safety is not just about how to secure your apartment from intruders alone. Read also Items you should have at home at all times as another form of home safety.