Securing your Apartment from Fire with Smoke Alarms Detectors

securing your apartment from fire with smoke alarms

It is always a scary sight each time you come across a building razed down by a fire. And for owners and occupants of such buildings, the trauma lives on. Properties are burnt down and in some cases lives lost, some rendered invalid. The aftermath of a fire disaster is never a pleasing memory for any of the victims. To this effect, we at 4letproperty will continue to make effort to ensure that such disaster does not occur. In this article, our spotlight is on securing your Apartment from Fire with smoke alarms.

Focusing on why you should consider securing your apartment from fire with smoke alarms. The types of sensors that are more effective and how you should install them. And what you should do always to make sure your installations are intact and functional.

What is smoke alarm detectors and why should you invest in them

A smoke alarm detector is a small safety device that can ensure the safety of an apartment from a fire. If an apartment has smoke alarm detectors, then the chances of surviving a fire disaster will be high. Most fatalities resulting from apartment fires occur in buildings without functioning smoke detectors.

When an apartment has smoke alarms, occupants are able to know when a fire is about to engulf the apartment. Smoke detectors are capable of raising an alarm when there is an impending fire outbreak. Thus, the smoke detector will help occupants to get out unhurt especially from a night fire. These are a few of the many reasons why you should consider securing your apartment from fire with smoke alarms.

Types of Sensors and how best to use each

Smoke alarms sensors are of two types.
Ionization smoke alarms; this kind is more effective detecting flaming fires. And the Photoelectric alarms: quicker in detecting slow-smouldering fires. While it is proper that you keep photoelectric alarms away from the kitchen to avoid false alarm. It is best you install both kinds of alarms in other parts of your apartment.

Ensure your spread your smoke alarms to all rooms in your apartment and link them together.

Have special alarms installed for people who can’t hear properly. Some special alarms can display different colours of light, while some do bed shaking.

For a good result, ensure you position the smoke alarms in sensitive areas of your apartment. Areas, like; the kitchen, laundry room, and all bedrooms. Avoid disabling smoke alarms when cooking, instead, you should use a damp cloth to cover them. This will prevent your cooking smoke from getting to them.

Do a regular check to see they are working

After securing your apartment from fire with smoke alarms, it is important that you do a regular check on them. This check should be at least once in a month. Finally, you can install smoke alarms for the disabled. And you can also install automatic fire sprinklers.

Points to Note

  • Install smoke detector alarms both inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area in your apartment.
  • Install smoke detector alarms on every level of the apartment including the basement.
  • It is highly recommended that you link all smoke alarms, so that when one smoke alarm sounds they all sound.
  • Test all smoke alarms at least once in every month.
  • Install special smoke detector alarms for people who are hard-of-hearing or deaf. Some special alarms have strobe lights and bed shakers.
  • Change all your smoke alarms when they are 10 years.