Signs that a Building might soon collapse

Building collapse has become a recurring incidence in recent years; this is occasioned by negligence by property owners on one hand. And building experts on the other hand also some regulating authorities are not doing their job. Hence the possibility of poor quality products getting into the market and ending up in sub-standard buildings that will cave-in one day, killing and maiming people. If you are concerned about your Apartment Safety, then read on.

In this article, I seek to make occupants of apartment buildings conscious of what to look out for as signs that a building might soon collapse, how solid it may be and what to do in the event their apartment building is collapsing.

Types of apartment buildings that are prone to collapsing and why

Although any type of apartment building can collapse, it is however rare that a bungalow should collapse, except if such a bungalow is dilapidated or the fault in construction is so vast. Most apartment buildings that collapse, do so because as a result of their high rising nature which could not be sustained either as a result of poor standards in the construction work or lack of maintenance.

Major causes of apartment building collapse range from non-compliance with the recommended standard in a building, use of non-professional in construction thereby resulting in a faulty structure, varying the initial plan of the building after laying the foundation, without recourse to the differences in carriage ability and poor management of already existing structures.

Signs that an Apartment Building might soon collapse:

In some cases, the apartment building may show some physical signs, whereas in some cases it doesn’t. In such cases where there are no signs, it requires the services of building experts to tell.

Some few indications that a building may show are; serious cracks in the walls, when a building has visible cracks on both sides of the walls is an indication of a faulty structure, although some cracks are minor, but when a crack is visible from both sides of the wall and such crack goes across angle bends in the walls and pillars, then it says a lot about the building’s health, beware of such apartment building.

Also when you are climbing a staircase and the sound of your steps tend to be re-echoing as if the building is vibrating, beware of such building, except the staircases are made of wood, vibration during thunderstorm and particles dropping from the roofs are signs that a building might soon collapse. When you hit the wall, the sound should also tell you how strong the building is; but most importantly watch out for cracks in supporting pillar and angled walls.

What can you do in the case of a building collapsing

In the events of an apartment building collapse, there is really nothing much that those under the collapsing structure can do; an attempt to run may spell doom. But one major fact is that a building which is about to collapse in most cases, will not just cave in all at once, most times, it shows signs by vibrating terribly, you hear loud cracks and they stop from time to time as the last support gradually gives way and finally the whole structure goes down. The key issue here is observation, if you are observant, you will get some signs that a building might soon collapse, the moment you hear those cracking sounds, start moving, don’t bother about your property, get yourself and family out of the structure on time before it caves in. For those not able to get out on time, stay calm and be observant, you can avoid falling pillars and stones by observing the direction they are falling to and move away swiftly, or you can find a secure place under the rubbles, if you are close to your phones, hold-tight to them, they can help you in case you are caught under the rubbles.

Just be observant and stay safe. Read also features of an Ideal Home