Some Beautiful and Love Inspired India Ancient Architectural Designs

India is a country rich with culture and ancient architectural designs which culminated in its design of beautiful and magnificent temples, although it fell to the colonial powers in time past, many of these beautiful architectural designs still stands till date, thereby helping in preserving the rich heritage and culture of the Indian people, these beautiful places have kept on attracting thousands of visitors as tourist over some decades now, and it seems the tourism industry in India has just begun, below are some site in India that provokes tourist attractions not merely for their rich and beautiful designs but more also looking at the stories behind their origin and these ones can be marked as; love inspired India ancient architectures .


The Mahabodhi Temples ancient architectural design

temples budhaThese structures lies along the path where the then prince Siddhartha became Buddha, it earliest date of existence is 250 BC constructed during the reign of the great emperor Ashoka and later restructured during the Gupta dynasty. According to history, Prince Siddhartha was said to have abandoned all his princely glory behind in search for peace to end the world’s suffering, so he set out to do penance by excluding himself in this lone place under a peepul tree at the very location where the temple is now built, which is in a town called Gaya, in Bihar.

The Mahabodhi temple is one of the foremost of its type in India ancient architectural design. It was made of strong brick architecture and given it vastness and different segments that represent the different stages of Budha illumination, the edifice is recognized as one of the Unesco world heritage sites.


A Symbol of Love- The Tajmahal ancient architectural design

taj mahalA beautiful masterpiece of architecture built between 1632-52 AD by thousands of artisans, who labored over 23 years, this architecture is ironically a burial place for Mumtaz Mahal the wife of Emperor Shah Jahan who reigned from 1628-1658 the emperor who was later interred beside his lovely wife at the same place was said to have fallen in love with his youthful wife at the age of 15 while she was 14, the structure reflects the depth of love that exist between the both even though he had other wives.

The beauty surrounding the Taj Mahal remains captivating many centuries after.


The Humayun Tomb

humayan rombIn 1569, Empress Bega Begum commissioned a Persian architect Mirak Mizza Chiyas to design and build a befitting burial place for her late husband the emperor Humayan and in 1570, the tomb was built and the remains of the Emperor was interred there. This tomb must have inspired the construction of the Taj Mahal years after.


Budha left his princely glory for the love he has for humanity and a temple was built at the place where he encountered illumination  for the sake of love, and centuries after a woman built an edifice for the love of her husband then century after a king built the Taj Mahal for his late Queen; just call them lovely architectures, and I think they worth visiting if not for their radiating beauty and ancient architectural designs, but for the story behind their existence.

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