Some fetish signs you should beware of when renting an Apartment

renting an apartment
There are powers and principalities; whereas some persons believe that the world stops at what their eyes can see, denying the existence of voodoo and demonic powers. Although this article is not to acclaim such powers, its only seeks to be an eye-opener to many home seekers. There are houses you should avoid when renting an apartment, if not for any other thing, but the power involved in setting up the building. There are instances where houses are built on rituals, at times human blood is spilled laying the foundation, in some cases, animals are buried beneath, and some are dedicated and marked with symbols after building.

This article is most challenging to write, but it appears to be a necessity, a case in point was a friend, who after staying in an apartment for 2 years and for that 2years his wife could not see her menstrual flow, until the very night he parked out of that house, this was not the only ordeal he encountered in the house. There are instances a family moved into an apartment and they are faced with pestilence and disease till they leave. Most interesting was a prayerful man who moved into an apartment and after much effort to harm him failed, the landlord came returning his money, pleading with him to leave his house, barely a month after he moved in, when he refused to leave, the landlord reported to his church members and when the church members asked what his offence was, the landlord replied “he is too strong”. These are real happenings.

Signs you should watch out for when renting an Apartment

Signs at the door post, most house owned by occult members always carry their symbols, these symbols range from marking on door post to some little objects you might think are meaningless, you might see white thread padded together on a lintel, or a sticker you cannot read meaning to, symbols like pyramid, star of David, one eye or triangles etc. these are some symbols you should look out for.

Be wary of white painted building

White is a colour most people like, but painting a building all white is rare, though some person paints theirs white without anything attached, most buildings painted all white are but symbols of belonging.

House with secluded area 

Some years back, I rented an apartment, the first day I entered the house, I observed a sign at the door, it was the star of David, though I got the message, I had no choice than to move in, when I moved in, I realized that there were certain areas people living in the compound were not allowed to step, except the owner of the house although I never kept to that, I took it up spiritually, knowing fully well who I was dealing with, well he gave me my space, seeing my attitude and fearlessness, but I was only able to do that because I was alone. So to stay off trouble, watch out for such apartments and avoid them when renting an Apartment.

Finally, be observant and prayerful, some shows no signs and this kind are more diabolical, avoid houses with shrines and marking on the wall, ask questions from good and trusted people before moving into an apartment, and above all pray and continue to pray. Read also How to Avoid a Flood Prone Apartment