Basic things you need to start a Home

Are you still squatting with someone, hoping to start living in your own apartment someday, and somehow you are kind of scared, not knowing where to start from? Then this article basic things you need to start a home is for you. To start a home is sure one of the most difficult moments of […]

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Make your home a talent ground

Charity they say begins at home, so also talents are groomed at home. I have visited many homes, and in many of these homes, I saw beautiful designs of chairs, dining, and kitchens. You also find excellent electronics like plasma, LCD TVs and home theaters starring at you. But when it comes to important Home […]

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ideal home
Features of an Ideal Home: What Makes a home thick

What is a Home? In the context of this write-up, we shall define a home as a place where we live, i.e. shelter. Shelter has been one of the basic needs of man, from time immemorial man has continually seek a place of shelter to shield him from sunshine and raindrops; moving from caves to […]

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