The impacts of having Green in your Apartment

flower pots

Having green in your apartment is something many homeowners don’t consider necessary at all. Green is that part of nature, which consists of trees, and the natural environment, with the help of green plants, the atmosphere is able to renew itself from the damaging effects of human activities which tend to deplete the ozone layer. The effects of green on humans and other living things, therefore, cannot be over-emphasized, but unfortunately, man tends to overlook this when considering where and how he lives. In the lines below we shall take an in-depth look at how much impact that little green flower in your apartment (if there is any) has on your life.

carbon - cycleThe Impact of green on man (photosynthesis)

The best things in life are free, so said a songwriter and in reality it is true, air being the most important thing in life is free, as taught by biologist, it is the air we breathe in that sustains our lives, and this air is oxygen, in return we breathe out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, whereas plants take in carbon-dioxide to survive and release oxygen into the atmosphere in what is referred to as the carbon-cycle;which ensures the continuous existence and survival of man and plants. But it so alarming the way man threat plants today as if he is not aware of their usefulness, instead of having plants in our apartments and neighborhood we further have machines and generating sets everywhere, these are producers of carbon-monoxide a more deadly component that makes the air we breathe more complicated.

What happens when green is absent.

Looking at the carbon-cycle it is obvious that the absence of green is a minus for man’s health because the oxygen output will be sparsely enough compared to where there is green, this is prevalent in many cities today though, hence the growth of many diseases. The fumes from generating sets, vehicles and industrial machines are a great minus to the carbon-cycle and the fastest way to remedy this mistake is having green in your apartment and immediate surroundings. When you go to places like villages with many green plants and a few carbon generating machines, you can immediately feel that soothing relief while breathing than when you are in the city, this is so, because the trees generate fresh oxygen as opposed to the polluted one is the city.

Including green in your Apartment/Neighbourhood

Since it may not be possible to grow trees and flowers around all houses, mostly when you are on rent, there are other ways to ensure you generate green in a little way to help the problem of an uncompleted carbon-cycle. To do this, you can have flower pots in and around your apartment, flower pots come in different sizes and shapes, they can also serve as decoration and beautification in and around your apartment, whereas, these flower pots are inexpensive compared to other household items, many homes don’t see the need to make provision for them, forgetting that they contribute to the air they breathe. Think of it today, is it wise to spend more on things that shorten your lifespan while neglecting these that promote longevity, just for pleasure? Having green in your apartment will not only beautify your apartment, it also beautifies your health.