Top Most effective Home Security Surveillance Strategies you should key an eye on to secure your apartment

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home security surveillanceWith current trend in technology, and given the rise in security threats globally, there is a need for every household to develop its own ‘Home Security Surveillance System’ to provide themselves with an additional layer of security support, while relying on the authorities to play the larger role. Below are some few tips on Home Security Surveillance practices that occupants of houses can employ in their homes and offices.


Have and always use a peephole on your doors

Most times when visitors arrive at a home, they always knock on the door or ring the doorbell when it is available. But most people usually don’t know how to respond to someone knocking on their door. While some persons usually jump up and open the door immediately, others think it is best to ask; ‘who is that’? Both approaches are actually not the best.

A good Home Security Surveillance System technique to apply here is to make use of a peephole. Most modern doors are equipped with this look through hole that allows those inside the house to see clearly whoever is outside so as to decide what to do next. But in some cases, the view is limited and some well-informed criminals can make you see whatever they want from such doors, hence the need for a customized look through known to the occupants of the house alone, and such that will give a clearer view of whoever is at the door.

Having a CCTV in your Home Security Surveillance System

Having CCTV Cameras installed at strategic locations in your home can be a boost to your Home Security Surveillance System, that way, your apartment will be secured whether you are in or out. The functionality you get from a CCTV Camera depends on the amount of finance you chose to invest in it.  Sophisticated CCTV Cameras connected to the internet can help you keep a view of your home via your mobile phone even while you are at work, on a vacation or on the road.

You may be wondering how this is possible, it is a simple technology, all that is required is the finance to purchase the equipment.

Over the years CCTV Cameras has help government agencies, private organization and many individuals to solve crime incidence in their offices, at home and the society at large. Therefore if the security of your home is paramount to you then a CCTV is a must have, its functionality is such that even after the crime is committed, the images can help to track down the criminals.

Some Tips for a good Home Security Surveillance System

  • Always lock your door when you are in and when going out, no matter how close.
  • Find out and know exactly who is knocking before you open and when you are not sure of the purpose of the visit please don’t open especially when you are home alone (mostly for ladies)
  • Don’t always give your residential address on the social media
  • Don’t post photograph you took at the front of your house (the gate)
  • Whenever you get home late, don’t rush to open the door, always leave an eye behind. If you notice a strange person behind you, pretend as if you missed your way.
  • If you have CCTV Cameras installed, try to hide them as much as possible and don’t talk about it with anyone, not even your close friends.

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