Top major causes of Kitchen Related Accidents and how you can avoid them

kitchen related accidents

kitchen related accidentsSome weeks ago, the blogging community and the entire world was slam with a rude shock, when news of the death of promising young blogger filtered into the air. Rebecca Burger 32 was a French fitness blogger; she died from kitchen related accidents. Though she isn’t the first, it becomes more painful looking at her age and what the world and the blogging community stand to lose, however the challenge is, can these incidence of kitchen related accidents be avoided.


To answer this question, let’s take a look at the various kinds of accidents that do occur in the kitchen with a bid to proffering possible way to avoiding them or reducing the damages from their occurrence.


Equipment Failure Resulting in Kitchen related accidents

Many Kitchen related accidents are largely due to equipment failure, these ranges from gas explosion, micro-wave disaster, and so on, why some of these failures could be prevented by early detection of fault, others however gives no sign of wear out to necessitate failure, some example of equipment failures resulting in Kitchen related accidents are:


Kitchen Gas Explosion

Many avoidable kitchen related accidents resulted from gas explosion, contrary many people believe that a gas cylinder can explode at any time, the fact remains that these bottles don’t explode, the so call gas cylinder explosion is an explosion from gas leakages which might have gathered somewhere around the cooking gas system and suddenly explode when attracted with fire, hence most kitchen gas explosion are due to negligence.

Many household do not maintain their cooking gas setup, most people only do this when the equipment cease to function or when the cylinder is empty, they take it out for refill.

The gas cooker is made up of several parts like BBQ, O-ring, Regulator etc. and each of these parts requires frequent observation and maintenance, to learn, how you can observe and maintain your gas cooker, visit Learn how to observe and prevent gas explosion kitchen related accidents.


Another kind of kitchen related accidents resulting from equipment failure is that of the microwave, this could result in electrical hazard that could cause bodily damage or fire disaster, negligence is also the root cause. Many people don’t know which item they ought to place inside the microwave and which item they should not, to avoid this, users should acquaint themselves with the functionality detailing the do’s and don’ts of this kitchen equipment here


Substandard Equipment

Another major causes of kitchen related accidentss resulting from equipment failure is due to substandard equipment or those with manufactured defect, for instance the French blogger died from complications after she was hit in the chest by and exploding whippy cream dispenser, ordinarily whippy cream dispensers are harmless, but this particular product had been in the news as having defects and a lot where recalled as claimed by the company though, users should always go for equipment that are user friendly and always do a market review to know more about the equipment you are buying.


Other forms of kitchen related accidents are burns and knife injuries; burns normally result from the handling of cooking items like hot water or boiling oil in the process of cooking, to avoid this, complete attention should be given when in the kitchen, all forms of distractions should be avoided, and the right apron should be worn and hands should be protected with gloves.