When a Maniac lives in your Neighbourhood

A maniac is someone suffering from mania, a mental illness marked by extreme obsession, excitement or violence. It could be an obsession for anything, football, music, dancing, playing with kids or even church activities. If you search through your daily encounter, you will recall meeting some of these persons one or more times, some lives in your apartment neighbourhood they show extreme obsession, at times they are very well dressed, a careful look at their dress code will reveal it to you, and they may have one single dress pattern they are so obsessed with. If they are obsessed about football, they can lay on the ground and scream at the top of their voice when watching a football match, imagine having one as a close door neighbour, it surely will not be a funny experience. But what then can you do about it?

When a maniac obsessed with football lives in your apartment Neighbourhood

Given the enthusiasm over football most times, one may not be able to tell who is a maniac and who is not, as both fans are fond of shouting during football matches. But some show of excitement may be way over the bar mostly when the person is a maniac. Watch out for such persons who will scream during a football match even when there is no corresponding action to warrant such excitement. Even when they are watching the game all alone, you can hear them commenting on themselves as if they have a partner with them.

Watch out for such people living in your apartment neighbourhood. A maniac can put his television volume on the highest and still talk to himself as the match progresses as if the room is packed full of friends, whereas, he is all alone by himself.

When a maniac is crazy about music

This kind is everywhere, most times we excuse them for character or behaviour, they are not just behaviours, but a mental state. Why will an adult put on music and make it so loud as if he is playing for the whole street to dance? Something is not right, such a person is mentally obsessed with music, and the obsession is so high that they can’t help it but display it to everyone’s full glare. If you have a neighbour who wakes up at 2 am and start playing loud music, be well assured that he is a maniac. Such a neighbour can be so difficult at times they walk passed everyone in the apartment neighbourhood as if they are robots, when you say hello to them, they may not reply or at best they give you a mortified response.

A maniac obsessed about party

This kind will always go out and return late at night, and when they arrive they bang at the gate with a high degree of impunity as if the gate was not supposed to be locked. This kind also could be so problematic as they will like to bring their friends to party with them in the house. Sometimes, they can party all night singing and be shouting while drinking and smoking in their apartment with all sorts of immoral acts, because they are obsessed with the world. Beware, if such a person lives in your apartment neighbourhood, he might be a sort of security threat to others.

Obsession with kids

Watch it when a neighbour is so obsessed with your kids, such that playing with the kids has no limits. He can play and roll on the ground with kids and do virtually every form of play the kids are capable of. Such a neighbour could be a maniac, it may be difficult to withdraw or stop your kids from playing with him, but ensure you keep an eye on them always. As such a person could turn violent as well; all maniacs’ has the tendency to be violent because they are suffering from a mental illness, hence the reason why you need to know more about those who live in your apartment neighbourhood, maniacs obsessed with kids often turn out to be paedophiles or serial rapists.

Finally, when you realize that a maniac lives in your apartment neighbourhood, you should decide on how to safeguard yourself and family from the dangers associated with mania patients. You can inform the owner of the property when it is possible to get him under control or better still you can as well relocate for your own safety.