Who is your child’s Nanny; How you can make your child’s Nanny the Best

child's nanny

The busy economic situation of the 21st century has compelled both partners in a marriage to work in order to provide for the family, this has left them with no choice, other than to hire a Nanny. Do you know who your child’s Nanny is?
A Nanny is a house-help, who looks after the children and takes care of the home. In recent times, a lot has happened in term of Nannies, so much that couples are scared of hiring one and when they do, they are restless, there seems to be no way out though, whereas there is a solution to every problem. In this piece, we examine the possible solution to the ruthless Nanny palaver, to affirm that there are ways to deal with Nannies so as to keep them under check and secure your home and little ones.

Who is your child’s Nanny?

Knowing your child’s Nanny is different from knowing about your child’s Nanny, whereas knowing about her implies; knowing where she is from, probably her family background, address or village. Knowing your child’s Nanny in the contest of this article implies; knowing who she is and what she is capable of. Who is your child’s Nanny? is she that young woman who has been devastated and traumatised  by the turmoil of live challenges such that she left her home with scars in her heart hoping to find another home? Or is she that young woman who has been a victim of rape, abuse and had to find another address as a result of continuous threats? Who is your child’s Nanny? Is she someone who is compelled to fern for herself because no one cares, how then do you expect her to care? Or your child’s Nanny is that fellow whose life principles has been so battered that it doesn’t matter to him or her anymore how they get rich, then be sure he/she will want to be like you someday, not minding how you got there.
Knowing your child’s Nanny is very important in this regard, you have to study your child’s Nanny emotionally and psychologically, before taking her into your abode and not only your child’s Nanny, all house-help as well, they should be people who are conscious of the work they are doing and are satisfied with the position they find themselves and have realistic plans of moving ahead where desired, otherwise you are in for a big shocker.

Who are you to your child’s Nanny?

Most times, people becomes what we make of them, therefore it is important to ask, who you are to your child’s Nanny, it will not be easy to know who your child’s Nanny is, when you are not good to her, therefore the first step to making a good Nanny is being a good master, if you are a good master, chances are, that you can influence and remake your child’s Nanny, though with a few exception. Some masters are so cruel, they behave like slave owners, believing that their money commands, forgetting that the other is human and as such cannot be valued financially. As a master, the way you relate with your child’s Nanny goes a long way to reflect how she relates with your kids. Make her human even if she was a beast when you meet her, otherwise you will be leaving your kids with a beast, treat her just the way you want her to treat your kids, assume a mother-daughter relationship with her, help her to see a brighter future, at times take her away from the job and seat beside her to talk about her fears, worries and so on. Your child’s Nanny should be your best friend.

Be on Your Guard, She is Your child’s Nanny?

All said and done, remember she is your child’s Nanny, not your mother nor the mother of your kids, therefore, don’t abandon  your kids with her, she is a house-help not a  house-master, please you must streamline your duties and hers in such a way that from time to time you make a check on her and the kids. In every employment, there are checks and balances, even when the vision is communicated to the employee, the vision-owner is still the first to spot deviation, hence the case between Nanny and Master is no difference, and you must plan your routine in such a way that your child’s Nanny does not take full charge of your home. Remember, when a Nanny is bad, chances are, that he/she do bad things and get away, when he/she is good also, chances are that he/she becomes so good to take over every role either as a male or a female, a word is enough for the wise.
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